An April Fools’ Muse



At the heart of the Martian Farms April Fools’ Day project is a remarkable video made back in 2020 by Boston-based opera singer Maggie Finnegan. When we first came up with the concept for the Martian Farms scientific-presentation spoof—claiming that a specific piece of music could make plants grow at a remarkable rate—the next question was, “What kind of music should it be?” When a friend suggested that we check out Maggie’s video, we were blown away: it was exactly what we needed.

Filmmaker Tatiana Tift spoke to Maggie over Zoom to learn about her background, how she became involved with the Martian Farms project, and whether or not she believes that music can have an effect on plant growth. (It turns out that she’s been thinking about this topic since childhood.)

To learn more about Maggie and hear more of her incredible singing, visit her website

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