Meet the future of farming

Proprietary, closed-loop, state-of-the-art vertical farming facilities.

What is Martian Farms?

The way of farming as we know it is changing.

We are turning farming upside down thanks to our proprietary LED technology that uses up to 99% less land and 98% less water than traditional methods. And we are doing it with a vertical-farming, LED-light technology that has blockchain traceability; and, according to available information, 73% improved productivity; and 80% less labor than other vertical farms.

Based on an LED-lighting methodology, we can create ideal growing conditions in places — including urban areas - where highly efficient and environmentally friendly farm-to-table produce has never been an option. This is our chance to feed the world.

We have 26 years of academic research in our favor to optimize plant growth in a process that can be scaled to commercial quantities with unprecedented efficiency. As we like to say, Martian Farms has landed.

Years of Research
Higher Capacity
Blockchain Traceability
Pounds Per Square Foot
** when compared to traditional agriculture methods and practices.
Martian Climbing Vertical Farm
less water used
less land
less labor required

Why Martian Farms?

Solutions for a planet scarce in resources through an industry as old as time.

At Martian Farms, we are combining an age-old need for nutritious food with cutting-edge processes to grow local, sustainable, zero-pesticide produce that is highly productive and efficient — using some pretty cool NASA-inspired technology.

We are building our community of like-minded early adopters because we can — and we should — try our best to bring high-quality foods to every community in the world. And an extra planet or two once we get everything set here on Earth.

Scaled Efficiency Icon

Scaled Efficiency

Blockchain technology allows us traceability on each and every
product from seed to sale. Through our advanced tech, we’re also able to set up and quickly scale operations to grow commercial quantities of greens in locations where traditional agriculture isn’t feasible.

Technology Icon

Advanced Technology

Our state-of-the-art facilities combine proprietary LED light technology, photobiology, and robotic automation to create a farming system that redefines traditional approaches

Martian Farms Packaging Concepts

Here's a taste of some of the 75 different types of greens we grow

  • Arugula
  • Basil
  • Summer Crisp
  • Butter Lettuce
  • Mizuna
  • Napa Cabbage
  • Red Oak
  • Lollo Bionda
  • Red Romain
  • Romaine
  • Trevizo
  • Green Oak
  • Green Crisp
  • Kale

Meet the Martians

Amin Jadavji

Our Fearless Leader

Amin is our co-founder and chief executive officer, bringing 15 years of manufacturing experience to Martian Farms. His background in sourcing and automation, coupled with his passion to help mankind, is the recipe for success for Martian Farms to help feed the world.

Per Aage Lysaa

Our Guiding Light

Per, as our co-founder and chief technology officer, is a foremost expert in developing LED technology. His resume working on space projects is as long as a shuttle journey, with previous experience at the European Space Agency, CESRF and other global space programs. CO-founder and chief technology officer

Kevin Epp

The Epicenter of Our Command Center

As chief operating officer, Kevin is plotting our journey. He is an accomplished executive with experience in food manufacturing, renewable energy and agriculture consumer goods, with a McKinsey & Co. background and aptitude for operations, budgets and M&A.

Dr. Matthew Mickens

The Science Geek

Matthew brings to our journey NASA experience, formerly overseeing the growth of leafy greens for the International Space Station. He is a plant scientist with expertise in manipulating light to enhance controlled environmental agriculture.

Daniel Bayley

the one who keeps things growing

As the director of cultivation, Daniel focuses on creating and optimizing the best growing conditions for our plants. He uses his knowledge in environmental science and compliance to develop our systems to ensure efficiency and high quality. 

Graham Keltie

Our martian focused on the long green

Graham Keltie is our chief financial
officer, focused on all our financial disciplines. He brings to our table an experienced resume in entrepreneurial financial roles, including strategic planning, budgeting, financing, taxation, governance, treasury and reporting in both start-up and mature companies.

B2S2 Partners

Our fashion-world friends

Brian Kukon and Steve Shiffman come to Martian Farms from practically another universe: the fashion world. Shiffman is the former global CEO of lifestyle brand Calvin Klein, and Kukon is the former CEO of sport and leisure brand Hummel America. Their company, B2S2 Partners, brings to the party expertise across the full life-cycle of retail, fashion and consumer goods with a focus on better earth initiatives.

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Martian Farms Hoodie

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Martian Farms Hat

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Martian Farms T-Shirt

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